Paving the way for luxury

ONE of Murwillumbah's turn-of-the-century buildings will soon make way for luxury apartments.

And the former Tweed Daily News office and printing factory in Church Lane will be going out in style this weekend.

“There will be a huge garage sale on the site,” said one of the building's previous owners Bob Robertson.

As part of River Rose Investments, Mr Robertson and his wife Joyce bought the historic building from the Tweed Daily News'parent company in 1996.

“I believe the original building was there in the 1890s; that's when the Daily News took it over,” Mr Robertson said.

He added it has since grown in many ways - and directions.

“In 1953 a new front was put on the building because the rolls of papers had pushed the front out.

“In 1974 they built the offices onto the front and in 1984 they built the press room at the back.”

However, the building as it stands now is a far cry from the original newsroom.

“We carried out extensive works on the building and it now has eight separate office suites plus the factory at the rear.

“In around 2002 we purchased Stevens Joinery building next door.

“The whole complex of almost one acre is set to be redeveloped into luxury units by a Gold Coast firm.”

It is believed the buildings will be demolished and completely rebuilt.

“The building is old and not much use for anything but a printing press,” Mr Robertson said.

With the building now completely vacant, Rotary and the Tweed Palliative Support Service have combined forces to hold a giant garage sale.

“The place is absolutely packed full of stuff,” Mr Robertson said.

“It's stuff Rotary had left over from garage sales.

“Plus the support service has been using part of the building for storage and is clearing their rooms out for the sale.

“They've got miles of stuff.”

River Rose Investments have also chipped in and will be selling building materials.

“We've got everything from timber and tiles right down to cups and saucers,” he said.

“There are about 20 tables of bric-a-brac.”

The money raised will go to the Tweed Palliative Support Service and Rotary.

The garage sale, which Mr Rob- ertson described as “probably the biggest Murwillumbah has ever seen”, will be on Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 2pm.

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