Mur'bah peeping tom alert

Is there a Peeping Tom in Murwillumbah?
Is there a Peeping Tom in Murwillumbah?

MURWILLUMBAH residents are on high alert following reports of a "peeping tom" in the area.

Social media was abuzz on multiple community web pages last week, with unconfirmed reports that a person had been entering people's properties in the middle of the night to peer through their windows.

One person alleged that the "Tom" was a woman and she had stolen food and money from the Bray Park residence.

Amanda Jackson said while she was at work her 17-year-old son had confronted the woman, who broke into their house.

"(She) just walked in, helped herself and stole $105 ... I have been told she is a female paedophile.

"Lock your doors and cars."

Kurt Nicholls warned residents that a person had been peering through his window at 2am.

"I had someone looking in my window, and when I turned the light on, they ran away," he said.

"He or she was wearing a white hoodie and dark long pants."

One resident speculated the person could have dementia.

"Just hope it's not a dementia person thinking it's their home and they end up getting hurt," Allan Haynes said.

"Dementia does this sort of thing as my mum used to go back to a house she hadn't lived in for ages."

Contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 if you have any information in relation to these incidents.

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