Peggy Hosking says she should have the right to euthanasia.
Peggy Hosking says she should have the right to euthanasia.

Peggy's dead certain on euthanasia

AFTER watching two husbands pass away due to terminal illness, Peggy Hosking feels strongly on the topic of euthanasia.

She is not one to usually voice her opinions in public, but after the Tweed Daily News story on Dr Philip Nitschke's visit to the area on Tuesday, she said she felt compelled to speak out.

“I saw some things that were just unbelievable, they just wouldn't let them die,” Ms Hosking, 86, said from her Tweed Heads nursing home yesterday.

“If I had completely had enough and was in a bad state, I do think I should have the right to make a decision.”

“I would like the right to make that judgment, and I think there would be so many others who feel the same way.

“Ninety per cent of older people would agree, but many wouldn't speak out about it.”

One of her husbands lost his life to cancer and the other to a brain tumour.

When one of her husbands' sons came up to visit his dying father, the man was in a bad state.

“It was terrible to see, he was terminal for nine weeks and had no life left in him, and he was a very dignified gentleman.

“It touches you when it hits you in the family.

“I would like to know I could have something that would make me go, but graciously.”

Her old dog had been allowed a more dignified death when a vet put it down at age 14.

She said she had wanted to hear Dr Nitschke speak, but it was pouring rain and she would have got wet on her motorised scooter.

Ms Hosking suffers from some chronic illnesses which reduce her quality of life and decided to move into a nursing home because her family all live in Melbourne and she was unable to live alone.

The former milliner and Melbourne Cup Fashions on the Field judge remains switched on and said she has always made the most of life.

She and her husband arrived in Coolangatta from Melbourne in 1971 after buying a house there in 1951.

“You have just got to make the most of yourself all your life,” she said.

She said there should be an option for people once they turn 60 to register their intentions in regard to euthanasia should something happen later in life.

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