Safe Schools: NSW education department website links to controversial views
Safe Schools: NSW education department website links to controversial views

Penis tucking, bra padding as Safe Schools returns

Teacher guides on penis tucking and bra padding for students who want to appear feminine have come under fire for being a rebranded version of the controversial Safe Schools program.

Safe Schools was axed in 2017 after uproar that the ­program taught young children about sex, gender fluidity and relationships.

But resources accessible to teachers on the School Biz portal provided by the NSW Department of Education appear to mirror material from the program which critics say is bringing it back "by stealth".

Links on the portal transfer teachers to various websites, including a 40-page guide OMG I'M TRANS which talks through how to pad your bra for bigger breasts or tuck your penis to reduce its visibility.

Resources included fictional stories for children, ­including The Gender Fairy, Are you a Boy or Are you a Girl and on the young readers' list a story titled Sex Is A Funny Word: A Book About Bodies, Feelings and You.

"Some people have a 'fluid' gender - it changes over time. My friend has warned me not to be surprised if one day she rocks up with a shaved head and asks to be called Bruce. But you know what? That's completely up to her," says a passage in the PDF OMG I'm Queer.

Even though the Safe Schools Coalition is no longer operating, the portal includes "All of Us", its guide on gender diversity, sexual diversity and intersex topics.


The website also linked to the Commonwealth's Student Wellbeing Hub which had ­articles on supporting sexual diversity in schools, students changing their gender and LGBTI classmates.

NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham obtained screenshots of the School Biz portal and said teaching materials offered ahead of Wear It Purple Day on August 28 taught children about exploring sex, gender identity and being transgender and queer.


One Nation’s Mark Latham says such teachings have no place in the classroom. Picture: Channel 7
One Nation’s Mark Latham says such teachings have no place in the classroom. Picture: Channel 7


"This worries me because if Safe Schools was abolished then why do we need people within the department building an extensive catalogue of material relating to this," Mr Latham told The Daily Telegraph. "It's absolutely brought back by stealth. Behind a firewall they are sending information to teachers which resurrects Safe Schools des­pite the government ending it. There was a reason this was kicked out of schools in the first place. There has been no disclosure."

The notification for teachers on the portal said: "There are also a number of resources available to help foster discussion about everyone having the right to be proud of who they are, and everyone having the right to feel safe and ­supported."

Institute of Public Affairs director of the Foundations of Western Civilisation Program Dr Bella d'Abrera criticised the teaching resources.

She said with Australian children lagging behind the rest of the world in education the department should be foc­using on teaching children how to read and write, not ­indoctrinating them with radical gender theory.

"There is absolutely no place in NSW schools for this kind of social engineering. Teachers should not be politicising impressionable children in the classroom," she said.

A NSW Education Department spokeswoman said the links were operated by third parties.

"These are all external websites operated by third parties not NSW Education. The Safe Schools Program has never been part of the NSW curriculum and we do not promote it," she said.

A spokesman for the Federal Department of Education said the resources on the Student Wellbeing Hub were ­removed but had been reinstated since 2016 after an ­independent review found them suitable.

"The resources you refer to were originally published in 2013 as part of the original Safe Schools Hub that was funded by the previous Labor Government. The resources were removed while a 2016 ­independent review was ­conducted by Professor Bill Louden," the spokesman said.

"This review found that the resources were 'consistent with the aims of the program … suitable, robust, age-appropriate, educationally sound and aligned with the Australian Curriculum'. The resources were returned to the Hub in 2016 after the completion of the Louden review."


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