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People air their grievances on Twitter for Festivus

EVER wanted to straight out tell your family or friends of all the instances where they have disappointed you?

Well here is your chance.

Today America honours Festivus, a secular holiday that celebrates the holiday season without participating in the pressures and commercialism.

What started as a  family tradition on the sitcom Seinfield has now become a globally recognised holiday.


According to, the celebration of Festivus begins with the Airing Of Grievances, which takes place after the Festivus dinner.

This is when "you gather your family around and tell them all the ways they have disappointed you over the past year."

And while it is suggested this Airing Of Grievances is done around the family table, Twitter has been swamped with people airing their grievances publicly.

And it is just not family or friends receiving the not so festive messages - politicians, sportspeople and fellow motorists have also been on the receiving end of some people's grievances while current affairs, politics, sports and employment are just a few of the topics receiving an "airing".

The hashtag #AiringOfGrievances has quickly climbed Twitter's trending list.


And if you would like to participate but would rather not air your grievances publicly on social media, here are some Airing Of Grievances tips from

  • Don't forget to include guests (newcomers) to your list of people you may have grievances about, especially if you have a boss of a company that really stinks;
  • If you have to, write your grievances out on note cards beforehand, just in case you lose your train of thought;
  • If you are shy, anonymously write your grievances on a sticky note and post the note to the Festivus Pole. You can always put the phone number of the off-track betting place or the local bagel shop on the sticky note just to throw people off;
  • If your family and friends are shy and reserved types, keep the airing of grievances short, or possibly include a rule that the only personal grievances that can be aired must be directed to those who did not attend the gathering (fair game) or public figures such as politicians and celebrities (always fair game).


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