Perfect day for tying the knot

LEN Erba has definitely set himself a hard act to follow.

On Valentine's Day last year the Bilambil Heights resident proposed to his girlfriend Wendi Leggatt in Vanuatu, and today he's marrying her.

“It was so romantic,” the soon-to-be Mrs Erba admitted.

“We had just been on a little island off Vanuatu, where we had a traditional tribal dinner, and were coming back on the last little boat with the band.

“We persuaded them to sing Knocking on Heaven's Door; it was amazing.

“We got off the boat and were walking on the beach and Lee said: 'I've been meaning to ask you something, will you marry me?'.

“And the rest is a blur because I was so excited.”

Although Miss Leggatt had designed the ring beforehand, using a stone from her grandmother's wedding ring, she said she was still very surprised.

Today, exactly 12 months later, the loving couple are tying the knot in an intimate ceremony and reception of only 38 guests at Club Banora.

“We originally planned it in the gazebo on the lake but if the weather's bad we'll move it inside,” the bride said yesterday.

To remind them of Vanuatu, the couple are having a beach-inspired wedding with lots of frangipanis and coconuts.

Mr Erba said they only started planning for the big day in November last year and were amazed to find their first choice venue still available.

“Everything just fell into place,” he said.

“Everyone we approached was available.

“It was meant to be.”

The only inconveniences have been caused by the weather.

“The only problem we have is Lee's brother is stranded in Mackay, his flight was cancelled because of the weather,” Miss Leggatt said.

“And so is the photographer.”

Miss Leggatt said now they would never have any excuses to forget their wedding anniversary or Valentine's Day.

“Lee thinks he doesn't have to buy two presents but I keep telling him it's not on,” she laughed.

When asked if he had bought Miss Leggatt a Valentine's Day present, Mr Erba said: “Yeah, a wedding.”

“Is tomorrow Valentine's Day?” he joked.

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