Currumbin's Jackson Close will spearhead the Queensland challenge at Port Macquarie in August.
Currumbin's Jackson Close will spearhead the Queensland challenge at Port Macquarie in August.

Perfect waves every day bold plan

ARTIFICIAL reef and wave pool designer Raif Billington of the Gold Coast is keen to create the perfect wave.

He has the ideas to make this a reality although to fulfil his perfect wave dream, he will need millions of dollars and council and government support.

His proposal to build an artificial A-Frame reef break at Surfers Paradise was knocked back flat by Gold Coast City Council due to the inconvenient infrastructure that would pose problems for an already congested beach and limited coastal strip.

I guess that was understandable and perhaps the Spit to Main Beach or Tugun to North Kirra would offer more room for his futuristic plan. Billington just returned home from Hamilton Island but was given a lukewarm response to his AR proposal.

International ASR Design Company has recently built an artificial reef in India with much success and a wave that resembles Bali’s famous Bingin Reef.

“This is what I have proposed,” the young engineer said with enthusiasm.

“The only difference with my plan is I would have a right and left A-Frame peak and not just a left-hand break like India!”

Whether it is a wave pool or ocean reef, of which Billington has designed both, he is adamant that someone will want to build one and once the first one is established, everyone will want one or will want to join in.

“As soon as people see a 30cm high tube peeling off for 7m in each direction reforming into 12-14cm spiller for 6m in each direction then reforming into 3m little tubing 4-6cm peaks for 1m each way, the location and funds for a full size pool will all fall into place,” Billington said, referring to his model wave pool.

“One pool between the GC and Brisbane tapping into the Coomera River with the tidal pipeline filtering its sediment and dying it crystal blue will have a major impact on reducing surf break overcrowding on the Gold Coast.

“If 1520 people each ride 15 waves in 19 hours, that’s 22,800 individual surfing rides per day for a maximum 1520 surfers!”

Of course Billington’s perfect wave pool or reef plan is not cheap and would take millions to build. But didn’t the Queensland Government allocate over $30 million for the new AFL stadium? What price do you put on a surfing amenity that could work 365 days a year. As Billington concludes, the future is already here.


CURRUMBIN’S Jackson Close will lead the Queenslanders in the upcoming Country Energy Australian SUP titles in August at Port Macquarie after a convincing win at the Roar Industries SUP Expo at Currumbin Alley last weekend.

A former multiple Australian longboard champion, Close overcame a super competitive field with Burleigh’s James “Billy” Watson in second, Noosa’s Keahi de Aboritz third and Lennox Head’s Noel Graham fourth.

The Queensland team for the National SUP titles will be Close, Watson and de Aboritz.

Last year, Josh Constable of Noosa won the inaugural Australian SUP title with Keahi third.

In other Roar Industries Expo results, James Watson took the overall title of surfing and racing by convincingly winning the racing final from ironman legend Trevor Hendy. Currumbin’s Davina Drinan won the open women’s event from Sondra Purser.

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