Pets lined up for microchipping

KODA the puppy appeared slightly nervous when Lindsey Swaddle took her to get microchipped on Saturday.

Ms Swaddle was one of scores of pet owners to take advantage of the discounted registration service provided by Tweed Shire Council at the South Tweed Community Hall.

Microchipping involves the injection of a tiny computer chip, about the size of a small grain of rice, under the animal's skin for identification purposes.

Banora Point resident Ms Swaddle said she has had 12-week-old Koda for just a few weeks, and wanted to make sure the kelpie pup would not get lost.

“It's good because if she runs away or gets lost the pound will know she's ours and ring us straight away,” Ms Swaddle said.

“I don't think she really knew what was going on.

“It was all over pretty quickly.”

Other pet owners flocked to Heffron Street to take advantage of the $25 microchipping service.

Council's regulatory services co-ordinator Paul Brouwer said cats and dogs were required to be microchipped under New South Wales law.

“From 12 weeks of age pets should be microchipped, or at the point of sale or change of ownership if they are under 12 weeks of age,” Mr Brouwer said.

“Council does about three microchipping days a year where we offer it at a discounted rate. It's usually about $50 or $60.”

He said Saturday's service was totally booked out.

“We always have more dogs than cats, but we did quite a few cats yesterday,” he said.

“We're also going to offer the service at the pound now, but it will be $40 to get your pet microchipped.”

Mr Brouwer said Council's next pet microchipping day was planned for later this year, around October.

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