Phil keeps track of promise

AN election promise by several Tweed Shire councillors to provide a long-awaited walking track and bikeway between the twin Tweed villages of Mooball and Burringbar has been met exactly 12 months after last year's council poll.

During that campaign Cr Phil Youngblutt agreed to a request by his number-two running mate on his election ticket, Burringbar estate agent Stuart Cahill, to make the pathway one of his promises.

Yesterday the two men, along with Cr Warren Polglase and Cr Kevin Skinner, who had agreed to back the project, met at Burringbar to inspect the 3.5km path as Council workers added the finishing touches.

“It has not been officially opened - that needs a function with Justine Elliot (Federal MP for Richmond) because it was funded as part of the Federal government/s stimulus package,” said Cr Youngblutt.

“But it's open for use.

“The actual walkway now goes through to the southern end of Mooball from Greenvale village (west of the Burringbar shops).

“As you go along you go through a working dairy, past a boutique cheese factory. There's platypi in the creek, there's a bit of everything.

“The kids can ride their bikes or walk and it's a very good tourist thing.”

The $263,000 project was funded with Federal Government funding after being put on a high-priority list by councillors late last year.

Mr Cahill has been pushing for the path for about 10 years, and when he ran in second place on Cr Youngblutt's team ticket for the election asked Cr Youngblutt to “focus on the footpath”.

Mr Cahill has argued the path will be of great benefit to “a lot of older people and kids on their bikes”.

Additionally, it makes Mooball and Burringbar “one town”, reducing the need for locals to travel to facilities by car.

Cr Youngblutt said the walkway-cycleway was not only practical and safe, but interesting.

The show of unity yesterday by Crs Youngblutt, Skinner and Polglase also came on the eve of today's vote on who should be mayor for the next 12 months.

Cr Youngblutt and Skinner have both said they will back Cr Polgase should he accept nomination for the mayor. He needs just one more vote.

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