PLANNING: Councillor Ron Cooper wants the to see the draft Kingscliff Locality Plan on public exhibition.
PLANNING: Councillor Ron Cooper wants the to see the draft Kingscliff Locality Plan on public exhibition. Scott Powick

Plan for Kingscliff is back council's agenda

COUNCILLOR Ron Cooper is calling on Tweed Shire Council to put the draft Kingscliff Locality Plan on public exhibition after it was approved 16 months ago.

Tweed Shire Council originally supported the draft locality plan be put on public exhibition on March 16, 2017 and then again endorsed the consultation period on August 3, 2017, after it was determined the plan was put on hold due to E-Zone and Offset Options in West Kingscliff.

Council made changes to the draft plan in 2017 to limit medium-density residential zones to 12.2m and business zones to 13.6m.

The decision followed a petition submitted by Cr Cooper with more than 14,000 signatures in favour of the three-storey height limit.

But more than two years later, Cr Cooper said the community was yet to see the draft plans, and suggested a public exhibition of 28 days.

"It keeps getting put off and the people of Kingscliff need something better than that,” Cr Cooper said.

"The change in height limits are just too straight forward. The rest of the plan stayed the same. The height limits have been debated three times.

"There is no need for 60 days, if it's out for 28 days we can have proper community consultation and if they feel that people want further information on the height they can have it.”

Council staff state in their report to council that the delays in exhibiting the draft are the result of on-going negotiations with Gales Holding "in respect to their lands mapped within the boundary of the of the Draft Kingscliff Locality Plan”.

The negotiators have been focused on the E-Zone criteria for West Kingscliff and other offset package options.

But Councillor Pryce Allsop said he was cautious about the lack of initial consultation about the decision to change the original recommended height limits from 16.5m to 13.6m.

"(The change) was never displayed to get feedback on and I'm wondering why we never had that displayed,” he said.

"The original report recommended 16.5m of height before it was changed to Ron Cooper's preferred 13.6m and it never went back to the public.

"People signed (Cr Cooper's) petition without the transparency of what was being offered.

"This is the opportunity to go back to the public.”

Cr Allsop said it was important to get the locality plan right to ensure the best outcome possible for Kingscliff.

"At the end of the day you're going to have developers who will put off their development because there's not enough return at 13.6m,” he said.

"Then the question we face is do we end up with a lot more congested buildings. It's up to the community to debate and participate.”

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