TOP BRAND: This photo illustation shows how a cattle hall, similar to the Stockman’s Hall of Fame at Longreach, could look.
TOP BRAND: This photo illustation shows how a cattle hall, similar to the Stockman’s Hall of Fame at Longreach, could look. ALLAN REINIKKA

Plans for Australian Grand Cattle Hall moove on in Rocky

THE NUMEROUS bull statues situated around the Rockhampton region could be outdone by an Australian Grand Cattle Hall coming to town.

Rockhampton specialist Dr Francois Malan has always dreamt of honouring the Beef Capital title Rockhampton holds by establishing a grand hall dedicated to the cattle industry.

Dr Malan said he had the idea of building a facility seven years ago when he was flying over Rockhampton.

"I was looking out of the window of the plane and thought Rockhampton should have a complex or hall of fame honouring the cattle and beef industry," he said.

"As the years have gone by I've started to put my thoughts into action and think of ways we can get this ambitious project off the ground. We need to honour the graziers and the people in this region and showcase what we are famous for by giving visitors to the region a place to visit.

"It would be an amazing tourist attraction and would increase the value of the beef industry in terms of education and agricultural learning. Due to my busy work schedule I've passed on some responsibilities to my friend Leon who has organised three committees in support of the iconic landmark."

Central Highland's grazier and chair of the newly formed committee Leon Clothier said their were about 20 Central Queenslanders who have joined forces to form the committees. The members have already envisioned the Gracemere Saleyards as the perfect location for the Grand Cattle Hall and have started investigating funding options.

"It's impossible to put a price tag on the project this far ahead but the finance committee are looking at all options," Leon said.

"It would make sense for the complex to be at the Gracemere Saleyards so people who go to the bull sales can stop in at the hall and vice versa, which is why we've decided on that location. This is in no way a competition with the already existing Stockman's Hall in Longreach. They have been very supportive and the committee will be heading out there this week to liaise with them because this will not only bump up the profile of Rockhampton but it will also increase the profile of other landmarks in the region."

The planned facility is currently referred to as The Australian Grand Cattle Hall but the committee will be running a local competition to invite the public to come up with their own names.


The complex will be educational, informative and social.

There will be live and regular displays of cutting and reining horses, working dogs and the complex will have an onsite blacksmith who the public can view from a platform.

There will be a computer-generated brand of bull that will be showcased in the complex.

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