Police hit by ecstasy pills in chase

THERE was something very fishy on the go when hundreds of little pink “fish brand” ecstasy pills rained down on the Pacific Highway from a car, scattering everywhere and bouncing on to a pursuing police car near Chinderah.

The car's occupants had just done a drug deal inside a McDonald's restaurant at the Chinderah BP service station.

Surprised officers in a second police car saw the pills being thrown from a silver Honda sedan being driven by Justin Villiers, 26, with his girlfriend Kayla Cole, 19, in the passenger seat.

Villiers pleaded guilty in the Lismore Local Court this week to supplying a commercial quantity, 154g, of the drug MDMA, on October 15.

He also pleaded guilty to dealing with the proceeds of crime when found with $1070 cash.

Cole, who is on $5000 bail, pleaded guilty to being an accessory to the supply of a prohibited drug, MDMA.

The Lennox Head pair was committed by Magistrate Jeff Linden to be sentenced in the Lismore District Court on June 9.

In agreed Crown facts, Villiers and Cole were in the restaurant on October 15 when CCTV recorded Villiers take part in a drug deal with an- other man before leaving the restaurant.

When a police highway patrol car put on its flashing lights behind Villiers and Cole's Honda to get it to pull over, officers saw an arm protruding from the passenger- side window and small items dropping from the car, “scattering onto the roadside and onto a second police car”.

Police officers picked up 590 of the pink pills from a 300-metre stretch of the highway.

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