Police catch drink driver ... with his pants down

A MAN who was driving with his pants off and was so drunk he couldn't put them back on has been fined almost $1000.

Clinton Michael Bede Reynolds, 32, pleaded guilty at the Ipswich Magistrates Court yesterday to driving while under the influence of liquor.

Reynolds was pulled over in Springfield Lakes by police at 3.50am on November 30.

The court heard Reynolds got out of the car and walked towards the police vehicle.

His pants were undone and he couldn't manage to get them back up.

According to the police Reynolds was unsteady on his feet and smelled strongly of alcohol.

He was breath tested on the roadside and blew a reading of 0.234%, more than four times the legal alcohol limit.

The court heard Reynolds was the sole occupant of the car.

He was taken to the Yamanto police station where he refused to provide another breath sample.

Reynolds' defence lawyer tendered a number of character references to the court which stated driving so intoxicated was out of character for Reynolds.

He said Reynolds was well aware of the dangers of driving while drunk, having worked for some time in the hospitality industry, and had no traffic history for similar offending.

The court heard Reynolds was under a great amount of stress having recently gone through a relationship break-up not long before the offence.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said Reynolds posed a serious danger to the community while driving so heavily intoxicated.

"You were a danger to the community," she said.

"Stress is never relieved by drinking and getting behind the wheel of a car."

Reynolds was fined $950 and disqualified from holding a driver's licence for 11 months. He will be subject to interlock provisions when the disqualification expires.

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