Police crackdown on drunks

NSW's peak hotel body has welcomed the police blitz on alcohol-related crime this weekend but called on the law to target drunken parties as much as licensed venues.

The Australian Hoteliers Association says NSW Police's Operation Unite needs to direct resources where they are most needed - unregulated environments such as out-of-control street parties and party boats.

AHA director of policing and regulations John Green said it was important police focused their resources on where the real alcohol-related problems lie.

"For too long it's been too easy to simply blame licensed premises," Mr Green said.

Across the State, increased police patrols will target anti-social behaviour on the streets and in clubs and pubs.

Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said alcohol-fuelled violence sickens the community and police are determined to stamp out its toll on NSW communities.

"Don't become a victim of alcohol-related crime," Mr Scipione said.

"Drink until you lose control and you run the risk of becoming a victim of crime or a tragic accident.

"You could fall victim to your own stupid actions and commit a crime. That could change your life forever.

"Don't write yourself off and get behind the wheel … don't get blind and assault other

people … don't get so legless that you stagger into the path of traffic."

This year's Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) annual alcohol poll has found that more than five million Australians have been affected by alcohol-related violence, including 2.6 million who have been direct victims of such crime.

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