Police get tough on bike riders

TWEED and Coolangatta police joined forces over the weekend to crack down on motorbike safety.

Operation High Side saw police targeting riders in the northern part of the Tweed, including the Tugun bypass, Numinbah Road and other out- lying areas of Murwillumbah.

Across the border, the Nerang- Murwillumbah road was hit during the blitz.

Officers from both states detected motorcyclists speeding, drink-driving and riding unregistered bikes

Tweed/Byron Police caught 24 people speeding and issued 65 traffic tickets for various offences.

Seven people were charged for dangerous driving, excessive speed and drink-driving.

Queensland police issued a further 42 tickets over the two days and charged nine people.

Senior Constable Troy Hamilton of the Tweed Highway Patrol said the operation, now in its third year, was formed to drive down motorbike deaths on the border's roads.

“It commenced in 2007 due to the high number of motorcycle fatalities in the northern part of the Tweed/Byron LAC and the southern end of the Gold Coast,” Snr Const Hamilton said.

“We have been running it at certain times of the year and it is an RTA- enhanced operation.

“It is important to let people know that we are working with the Gold Coast police to target dangerous motorcycle riders.”

Tweed Highway Patrol boss Sergeant Rod Golden said one bikie was caught travelling at 209km/h during the operation on Sunday.

“It is pretty poor behaviour,” Sgt Golden said.

“There is nothing wrong with going for a ride, but when they take their bikes to the extreme something will inevitably go wrong.

“There was a large number of riders out there on Sunday and they were surprised to see police, so the operation was doing what it was supposed to.

“We will be running similar operations throughout the year to target motorbike safety, speeding and rider behaviour.”

Today police across the Tweed are targeting motorists using mobile phones and those not wearing seatbelts, as well as vehicle defects.

Operation Compliance runs until midnight.

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