Police issue credit card warning

POLICE are urging business owners to carefully monitor EFTPOS transactions after stolen credit cards were used in Murwillumbah recently.

Several Murwillumbah businesses told the Tweed Daily News they'd lost thousands of dollars when scammers used stolen cards to buy goods at their stores.

Crime prevention officer Senior Constable Andrew Eppelstun said it appeared the offenders were swiping stolen cards but then presenting legitimate cards when it came time to sign.

“At the point of sale, it is apparent our local offender either enters a legitimate card into the manual card swipe facility, then cancels and re-enters a fraudulent card, or simply does a sleight of hand and swipes the stolen card and then presents a legitimate one for signing purposes,” Snr Const Eppelstun said.

“On this basis we urge retailers to bear in mind that persons may use a stolen card from time to time.”

He urged business owners to be alert for the customer who acts in an unusual way or makes unusual requests in an attempt to fluster staff.

“When you get the card, look at the front expiry date, name and gender to ensure it matches the customer,” he said.

“When checking the signature, is the card signed? Does the customer's signature match? Has the signature panel been altered?

“Ensure that the card swiped is the card presented for the signature comparison.

“Request the customer re-signs to compare with the card signature and when using an electronic terminal and check and compare the card details against the receipts.”

Snr Const Eppelstun said that if the customer details don't match, shopkeepers should retain the card and contact police.

Customers should use a pin instead of signing for credit card transactions, he said.

“Consider using a pin number for all your cards.

“Check your account activity on a regular basis and report any suspicious transactions immediately to your financial institution.

“Consider endorsing your card 'Must present photo ID' and be wary of any premises that takes your card away from you (where it cannot be seen).”

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