The Occupy Brisbane protest comes to an end at Post Office Square.
The Occupy Brisbane protest comes to an end at Post Office Square. Bridie Jabour/

Police move on Occupy Brisbane

POLICE have started to physically remove about 20 Occupy Brisbane protestors left out the 100 demonstrators previously at Post Office Square.

Police moved in about 7.30am after hours of negotiation with the remaining protesters who have been chanting "the whole world is watching" and "this is not a police state, we have the right to demonstrate".

The group has split with some of the protesters staying in Post Office Square and others marching through the streets to Queen's Park with a police escort.

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Police began negotiations to move the protestors from at the request of Brisbane City Council.

Some protestors told 612 ABC Brisbane they are prepared to defend their right to protest and called for supporters to join them in remaining in the square.

Tom told the ABC: "We think people have a democratic right to protest against corporate greed."

Police Superintendent Brett Schafferius said police will work with protestors to clear the area.

"We'll continue to work negotiate with each and every one of these people," he said.

Some protestors have reportedly said they will move to Queen's Park if forced to vacate Post Office Squarre.

Brisbane City Council requested police assistance to move protestors to allow for the regeneration of Post Office Square precinct.

Police say officers from Brisbane Central District and the Public Safety Response Team are on scene to ensure Occupy Brisbane move safely and peacefully.

The decision to remove the protestors was taken after considerable consultation and planning to ensure safety for all participants, and minimal disruption for the public and businesses in the surrounding areas.

The public is requested to avoid the area while the protestors pack up and leave. Once the protestors have cleared the area, the square will be closed off while the council undertakes maintenance on the site.

Assistance was provided to a number of people, who were referred to support agencies as a part of this process.

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