'Police nuisance' free

HE was the backyard fence jumper who faked a heart attack to grab an ambulance ride to Murwillumbah Hospital to hide out from police last December.

On Tuesday, the Tweed resident who has proven so troublesome to police was back on the streets.

A repentant Daniel Buttress-Grove, formerly of Lismore, appeared before magistrate Robyn Denes in Lismore Local Court this week on a string of charges.

He was granted release from custody as at midnight Tuesday.

Buttress-Grove, 32, of Reserve Creek Road, pleaded guilty to a series of outstanding charges dating back to 2006.

These include driving when never licensed, negligent driving, trespass, goods in custody suspected of being stolen, evading police, possession of cannabis, unlawful entry of a house at Bray Park, custody of a knife in public along with a number of outstanding warrants.

Legal Aid lawyer Ben Cochrane and Ms Denes took some time to decide exactly what to do with Buttress-Grove after not being able to source a residential rehabilitation program that could accommodate his methadone and mental health needs.

Ms Denes said while he had obviously been at pains to avoid police, his offences were relatively minor giving the perception of “a one-man crime wave”.

“He's a nuisance to police,” she said.

Buttress-Grove told the magistrate he had never made it into rehabilitation, although he had done anger management.

“I was doing AA, I was really trying hard,” he said.

“I was trying so hard my wife would say to me to stop going to so many courses.”

With his left arm in a sling, it was revealed Buttress-Grove had been attacked in jail, thrown into a wall and his wrist broken.

Ms Denes considered all matters including the “slow” police chase in Murwillumbah, driving a rental car though a park and up an embankment on December 15, before evading police by jumping over backyard fences in a yellow raincoat and sombrero, then getting an unwitting resident to phone for an ambulance and take him to hospital.

Ms Denes convicted him on some matters, gave bonds on others and took into account the time spent in custody.

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