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Police say man defecated in pool

A MAN who caused a stink in a private pool will face Tweed Heads Court on Monday.

The alleged offender, believed to be from Pottsville, defecated in the spa of Oasis Views, a gated complex at South Tweed Heads, on November 21.

Manager and caretaker Steve Janovics said he and residents of the complex were disturbed by the man’s actions.

“These guys came in from outside the complex. They knew the emergency code to get in,” Mr Janovics said. “They entered the complex, went in and had their 15-minute swim about 10am.

“A tenant who lives here was going to the pool with his family and he alerted me to what his daughter had found in the spa.”

Tweed Heads police flushed out the culprit with the help of the complex’s closed circuit television footage.

“We could identify the vehicle coming in and leaving,” Mr Janovics said.

“You can actually see this guy pull his pants down to do the business.

“It was just disgusting.”

Police charged the man with illicit damage and he and his two friends were also charged with trespassing.

Mr Janovics estimated the men to be in their mid-20s.

“It was a 30-odd degree day and the hardest thing was seeing all the kids come up for a swim.

“The pool was closed for eight hours.”

Mr Janovics said this was the first time he had seen such vulgar behaviour in the complex, which he had managed for eight months.

“But talking to the police it’s a very big problem throughout the Gold Coast strip,” he said.

“A lot of people don’t have the security we have and they can’t identify the offenders.”

Fortunately, the Oasis Views’ security cameras were upgraded two months ago to reduce vandalism

“What we’re trying to get across to these people is if you don’t live there don’t enter the complex.”

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