Sergeant Rob Golden
Sergeant Rob Golden Tweed Daily News

Police slam Anzac drink-drivers

TWEED'S drivers have hit a new low, with one in 32 found over the legal alcohol limit on the Anzac Day weekend.

Tweed/Byron Police conducted 1484 random breath tests and charged 46 people with drink-driving.

Tweed Highway Patrol chief Sergeant Rod Golden said he was “disgusted” that so many drivers were still disobeying the law.

“The drink-driving trend seems to be entrenched into a lot of drivers in this area,” Sgt Golden said.

“The figures show what would have to be one of the lowest ratios we've ever had.

“Every other person on the road should be frightened that one in 32 cars that go past them the driver is most likely affected by alcohol.

“People just have a total disregard for others on the road.”

Police across the state targeted driving offences for the operation Go Slow from last Friday until midnight Monday.

The number of Tweed/ Byron drink-driving charges was more than three times that of other commands in the northern NSW region.

“The closest one to us was Newcastle,” Sgt Golden said. “They got 13 PCAs (drink- driving charges) out of 2158 RBTs.”

Sgt Golden said Tweed's drink-drivers were varied in age and amount over the legal limit, therefore it was a wide- spread problem.

“There's no one particular group - it's across the board,” he said.

Also over the weekend, 63 drivers were caught speeding and 14 seatbelt offences were detected, while 24 other charges were laid for various offences.

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