THE two people Brett Peter Cowan relied upon as an alibi were playing the pokies at Beerwah RSL just after 2pm the day Daniel Morcombe went missing.

Gary Paul Gersbach, from Maxgaming, said the unique membership cards did not record the time users began using the poker machines, only when they finished.

He said Kevin Fitzgerald's loyalty card was removed from a machine at the Beerwah RSL at 2.20pm on December 7, 2003, after he had 13 "plays".

Mr Fitzgerald's games totalled $2.35 including a 35-cent win.

Mr Gersbach said Sandra Drummond, Mr Fitzgerald's partner removed her loyalty card from a machine 2.22pm that day after recording 70 plays with a total of $33.92 gambled and $13.92 won.

He said if she were playing at a normal rate, that would take 10-12 minutes.

Daniel went missing about 2.15-2.20pm that day while he was waiting for a bus on the Nambour Connection Road at Woombye.

Mr Cowan, who drove along that road on the way back from picking up a mulcher in Nambour, has claimed he went to the couple's house on Peachester Road on his way home.

Mr Fitzgerald and Ms Drummond cannot recall whether Mr Cowan dropped in or not.

Officer not surprised at no trace of Daniel in accused's car

A POLICE scientific officer was not surprised she did not find any trace of Daniel Morcombe when she examined the white four-wheel-drive Pajero of his accused killer.

Sergeant Nicole Tysoe said if Daniel got into the car voluntarily and considering the examination techniques available at the time, it was not unusual they did not find anything.

"It doesn't mean somebody wasn't in the car," she said.

Sgt Tysoe said she examined the car in the front yard of the Nambour police station but did not take DNA samples from touch points such as the steering wheel, door handle or grab bars.

She said that was routine now but the science was not available at the time and the samples were not routinely taken.

Sgt Tysoe said she did test for the presence of blood or looked for anything "that may be able to assist with Daniel missing".

She said the car was "basically dirty inside and out" with grass and dirt on the floor, ripped seats and numerous miscellaneous items.

Apart from a baby seat on the rear passenger side, there was also rubbish, sunshades, a cap, sunglasses and paper work in the name of Brett Peter Cowan.

Sgt Tysoe said the rear cargo area had rope, umbrella, backpack, fishing gear, knife, fold-up chair, tools, jumpers, shorts, steering lock, golf balls and raincoat.

Sgt Tysoe said she examined the car in the front yard of the Nambour police station but did not take DNA samples from touch points such as the steering wheel, door handle or grab bars.
Sgt Tysoe said she examined the car in the front yard of the Nambour police station but did not take DNA samples from touch points such as the steering wheel, door handle or grab bars.

She said she also examined Bond underpants, Ripcurl shorts and a belt located in Coochin Creek in 2011.

Sgt Tysoe said she examined other underpants the Morcombe family had provided as a comparison to look at the sizing, stitching and wording which she established was the same.

She said the size 30 shorts were mostly intact and this lack of degradation meant it was likely man-made fibre.

Sgt Tysoe compared them to six other pairs of shorts that the Morcombes had concluded they were similar.

Daniel accused admitted he looked like comfit, jury hears

THE man accused of murdering Daniel Morcombe has admitted he looked like one of the comfit sketches witnesses had drawn of the men they saw near the Kiel Mountain Road overpass the day he went missing.

Sergeant Mark Ian Wright, the 99th witness in the trial, recorded a video interview with Brett Peter Cowan at the Nerang police station on the Gold Coast in July, 2005, with fellow detective Tracey Barnes.

Mr Cowan, who was living at Uki near Murwillumbah at the time, was asked if he had seen media coverage of the artists' impressions of suspects in the Morocombe case.

"Have you seen about the comfits that have been released in relation to this? Did you think you look anything like those comfits? Sgt Tracey Barnes asked.

"Yeah thought maybe one of them," Mr Cowan said.

"One of them actually looks more like my brother than looks like me."

Mr Cowan said his older brother lived in Brisbane.

Sgt Wright asked Mr Cowan: "If you had abducted Daniel would you tell me?"

"Probably not," Mr Cowan said.

Sgt Wright told Mr Cowan he wanted to work on the timeline of his roundtrip to Nambour from Beerwah on December 7, 2003.

He said the discussion could give Mr Cowan's version more credibility or create problems with the times that would cause police concern.

"If the suggestion was you weren't home until 3pm, there's a little gap in time. We're interested to see if we can narrow that down a bit," he said.

"Do you understand why you're of interest to us?"

Mr Cowan said he "knew" he was not home any later than 3pm and suggested police look at traffic cameras at Nambour, Caloundra and Beerwah turn-offs.

"That's the only way to clarify," he said.

Sgt Wright said there were many witnesses that saw Daniel under the overpass, saw a vehicle nearby and people talking to him about the time he should have been driving past.

He said there was activity under the bridge at that time and questioned what Mr Cowan had seen.

"Someone has taken that child in that time and we got you in the area. The problem with us is that this isn't going anywhere …  We can't write this off and say it's definitely not Brett Peter Cowan," he said.

Mr Cowan maintained he did not see anything around the abduction site except a broken down bus.

"I didn't see cars or anything there, not that I was really paying attention," he said.

Mr Cowan said he had not been to the church above the abduction site, Suncoast Christian Outreach Centre, for months before that day.

"I'd had enough of pastors at the church," he said.

"Before that was going Sunday morning and Sunday night.

"Something was preached over the pulpit that I didn't agree with.

"My uncle and auntie were head preachers but not the preachers that go off the stage.

Witness describes what she saw the day Daniel went missing

A FORMER Palmwoods woman has described seeing a man mimicking a young boy kicking dirt near the Kiel Mountain Road overpass at Woombye the day Daniel Morcombe went missing.

"It looked to me that he was shadowing what the child was doing which is a psychology thing to gain confidence," Kaylene Densley, who now lives in Darwin, said.

Ms Densley said she saw them near a boxy darkish blue car and there was another person at the back of the car when she driving to a football presentation in Nambour just before 2pm.

"I'm not very good with cars, types etc, but it was a sedan," she said.

"There were two people standing in front of the car and one person at the back of the car.

"They were closer to the road and I thought at first somebody must have pulled over because a child was sick."

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