Actors portraying characters from the Harry Potter series at Movieworld.
Actors portraying characters from the Harry Potter series at Movieworld.

Potter magic worth the wait

OWLS, moving brooms, reptiles, flying wizards and celebrities.

Harry Potter fever was alive and well at Movie World on the Gold Coast yesterday for the Australian premiere of the long-awaited sixth instalment of the Harry Potter movie franchise.

There were plenty of people who had won competitions across southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales to attend the event.

Part of their reward was getting to rub shoulders with celebrities including Kieran Perkins, Michael Voss and Ian Healey for the early-morning showing of the latest movie of the blockbuster series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

A queue stretched back through the gates and along the edge of the car park as children and adults, many dressed as their favourite Harry Potter character, waited to get in.

And as they walked up the red carpet they were greeted by some of their favourite characters, including Dumbledore, Madame Hooch and Snape.

The acerbic Professor Snape called over some of the youngsters - pulling them aside for sloppy dress or failure to smile.

However, it was one of the rare times when the kids did not mind being reprimanded by a teacher - in fact it was all part of the fun.

Perkins, the former Olympic swimmer, brought his children Georgia and the aptly named Harry along for the screening, and they told the large media contingent they were all itching to see the film.

Perkins admitted to being a big fan of the books and movies, although he kidded he was just there because his kids wanted to see the movie.

“I'm a parent and it's all about the kids, and being the family censor I have to see all the movies myself,” he said with a laugh.

“But at 10 and 11 I hope they're going to be okay.”

As the young wizards have grown up the movies have become darker - this one carries an M rating.

There were many things for guests to see as they milled outside waiting to see the show, with wizards flying through the air, snakes, crocodiles, a choir and lots of Movie World staff dressed up for the occasion.

After meeting on the carpet and eating the breakfast laid on for the guests, it was time to go in and become the first people in Australia to see the film.

While none of the stars were there for the premiere, those in the cinema were treated to a short message from the trio we have watched grow up on screen over the past decade - Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson.

This time the young actors, who play Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger, come up against as many raging hormones as they do evil wizards.

And the verdict?

There were plenty of wide eyes and smiling faces at the end of the movie!

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