Climate change alarmism premiere

TWEED climate-change sceptic Bob Brinsmead hosted a world premiere of documentary Not Evil, Just Wrong at his Duranbah home on Sunday.

About 40 invited guests were part of the film premiere which was simultaneously streamed throughout the world.

“It was a report into global warming alarmism and its cost for the community and the cost of introducing carbon regulations and carbon restrictions,” Mr Brinsmead said.

“It was a movie in the tradition of Durkins' documentary the Great Global Warming Swindle.”

“The house was full and we had a very nice evening. It was a nice gathering of people who enjoyed themselves immensely. It was a cinematic tea party.”

Mr Brinsmead said the film did not explore many of the technical scientific issues of climate change, but more focused on the social impact of global warming alarmism.

“What was quite disturbing from my perspective was the effect global warming alarmism is having on very young school children,” Mr Brinsmead said.

“It is bringing a severe amount of emotional and psychological alarm to our school children.”

Mr Brinsmead said a survey had shown one-in-four children thought the world would end before they became an adult.

“I think this is a kind of child abuse and ought to be addressed.”

He also considers an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) unnecessary and says it will lead to a massive spike in the cost of living for the average Australian.

“An ETS is a tax on everything ... and it won't do anything for the climate.”

Mr Brinsmead, who has been involved in the climate-change debate for a number of years, happily calls himself a climate sceptic, as long as the meaning of the term is understood. He said climate sceptics were not sceptical about the fact that the climate changed, but are sceptical about whether humans are the catalyst for the changes.

Mr Brinsmead has played a role in setting up a proposed new political party called the Climate Sceptics Party and he is confident it will be able to run for a seat in the New South Wales Upper House by the next election.

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