Prime Minister announces new Cabinet members

ANTHONY Albanese highly publicised role in last week's Labor leadership debacle has not stopped him from gaining a promotion in Prime Minister Julia Gillard's new-look ministry.

The other big winners in the reshuffle announced by Ms Gillard in Canberra a short time ago are Gary Gray and Jason Clare, both of whom now have a seat in Cabinet.

Mr Albanese, who replaces sacked regional development minister Simon Crean, will retain the infrastructure and transport portfolios.

The new responsibilities would "neatly complement" Mr Albanese's existing role, Ms Gillard told reporters.

Parliamentary secretary Catherine King will join the outer ministry as Minister for Regional Services, Local Communities and Territories, and as Minister for Road Safety.

Blair MP Shayne Neumann, whose support for Ms Gillard has been unwavering, was one of five backbenchers to receive parliamentary secretary positions.

Mr Neumann will be the Parliamentary Secretary to the Attorney-General as well as Health and Aging.

Other parliamentary secretaries to gain an outer ministry were Sharon Bird, Jan McLucas and Don Farrell.

Mr Gray, a former Woodside Petroleum executive,  is the new Resources Minister.

He replaces Martin Ferguson, who was one of  three ministers loyal to Kevin Rudd who fell on their swords on Friday.

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus will take on Mr Gray's current roles of Special Minister of State and Minister for the Public Services.

Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare, considered a future Labor leader, will retain his current responsibilities as well as being elevated to Cabinet.

Mr Albanese was not the only minister to receive additional duties.

A "super ministry" has been created for Trade Minister Craig Emerson, who has been handed Chris Bowen's tertiary education, skills, science and research portfolio.

Mr Emerson will retain trade and his role as Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Asian Century Policy.

Environment Minister Tony Burke will be taking on the arts portfolio vacated by Mr Crean.

Ms Gillard also announced the Department of Climate Change would be merged with Industry Development to become the Department Industry, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education.

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet retains the portfolio, with industry and innovation added to his title.

- Gary Gray (promoted to Cabinet; new Resources and Energy, Tourism and Small Business Minister)
- Anthony Albanese (takes on important Regional Development and Local Government portfolios)
- Jason Clare (promoted to Cabinet)

Parliamentary secretaries promoted to outer ministry
- Jan McLucas (Human Services)
- Catherine King (Regional Services; Local Communities and Territories; Road Safety)
- Don Farrell (Science and Research; Minister Assisting on Tourism)
- Sharon Bird (Higher Education and Skills)

Backbenchers promoted to parliamentary secretary roles:
- Shayne Neumann (Attorney-General; Health and Aging)
- Michael Danby (Arts)
- Andrew Leigh (Prime Minister)
- Matt Thistlethwaite (Pacific Island Affairs; Multicultural Affairs)
- Amanda Rishworth (Sustainability and Urban Water)

Ministers and parliamentary secretaries taking on additional responsibilities
- Craig Emerson (takes on tertiary education, skills, science and research)
- Mark Dreyfus (takes on public service and special minister of state)
- Tony Burke (takes on arts)
- Bernie Ripoll (small business added to parliamentary secretary duties)
- Greg Combet (now Minister for Climate Change, Innocation and Industry)


Unity has eluded Labor: Gillard

THE political machinations in Canberra last week were an unseemly, self-indulgent, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said on Monday.

Ms Gillard was announcing her new Cabinet after the failed leadership spill that caused numerous resignations and a ministerial sacking during sittings last week.

She said while purpose had driven her government, unity had eluded it.

"Last week, the party that I love dearly was self-indulgent," she said.

"The events of last week was an unseemly display, and I have already said it was an appalling situation."

Ms Gillard said the leadership question was now over, and the party could now proceed with unity as the September election approaches.

"We need to show self-belief not self-indulgence and have our eyes on the issues that matter to everyday Australians, not our eyes on ourselves," she said.

"We need to make sure we are determined to win the only political contest in Australian life that matters."

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