Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard are acting 'like kids at kindy’

THE current Federal Government has been compared to a kindergarten by one voter in Mackay.

And with the ongoing ALP leadership debate of "will he or won't he challenge" seeming more like a game of Ring Around the Rosie, the comparison is understandable.

The debate, which has plagued the Labor Party since the last federal election, has come to a head again this week.

Labor candidate for Dawson Bronwyn Taha stood by the Prime Minister yesterday.

"We have strong leadership in Julia Gillard," she said.

"We have funding for the Bruce Hwy which the Howard Government did not fund at all at this time."

While she did not know if Kevin Rudd would be visiting Mackay during his campaign, she said she would be focussing on her campaigning for the seat of Dawson.

In regards to the polls, Ms Taha said she wasn't concentrating on them.

"The only polling I will be interested in is on September 14th in Dawson."

"I think the people that I'm talking to are concerned about their cost of living. They're everyday people and they are interested in strong leadership, which they are getting right now from Julia Gillard."

Federal Member for Dawson George Christensen said it didn't matter whether Julia Gillard or Kevin Rudd led the Labor Party to the next election because their problems were with their policies and not their leader.

"Kevin Rudd wanted a carbon tax, which is now hurting families and local businesses, and it was Kevin Rudd who dismantled the proven and effective border protection policies put in place by John Howard," he said.

"It was Kevin Rudd who opened the floodgates for more than 42,000 illegal arrivals, and steered Australia deep into debt with wasteful spending. Julia Gillard has just been more of the same."

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