Prime Minister Tony Abbott
Prime Minister Tony Abbott AAP Image - Nikki Short

Abbott: I deserve some credit for my work

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has asked the media to give him more credit for his work, as well as spelling out his vision for Australia as "not bigger governments but stronger people".

In an address to a National Press Club dinner on Wednesday night, Mr Abbott outlined some of his political leanings.

He said the "best contribution" the media could make right now was not to be "more right wing or more left wing", but to "give credit where it's due" and acknowledge both the strengths and weaknesses of the country.

Mr Abbott said he also lent towards British conservative Benjamin Disraeli's view that "change is to be welcomed, provided it's change that accords with the best customs and the beset traditions of our people".

"At least in this country and in our culture - with our strong tradition of freedom - liberalism and conservatism are no more than opposite sides of the same coin," he said.

"The last thing people should want is someone else - even a prime minister - dictating their lives and their dreams for them."

Mr Abbott said while he had a vision for better schools and hospitals, "a government that tries to dictate this will end up wasting billions of dollars".


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