Prince gets all social as first royal with Twitter account

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew

PRINCE Andrew is bringing Britain's royal family to the people as the first member of the royal household to open a Twitter account.

The Prince launched his account late yesterday and early this morning had more than 16,000 followers.

@TheDukeOf York's first tweet was a simple message: Welcome to my Twitter account - AY

Since then he has posted several tweets with pictures from events he's been attending.

The Twitterverse has welcomed the Prince with creative tweets including these:

  • Oh.... the... Grand Old Duke Of York... he had ten thousand followers... Congratulations to @TheDukeOfYork for reaching 10K on his first day
  • The Duke of York is on Twitter. Disappointed his 1st tweet wasn't "My 10,000th follower gets a free arms contract. Please RT".
  • I like to think this (including sign-off) is meant to be read as if by Ali G. "@TheDukeOfYork: Welcome to my Twitter account - AY"
  • @TheDukeOfYork Don't suppose you could pass a message to the powers that be about having an elected head of state? @RepublicStaff

You can see what the Prince is up to here: 

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