Tia Landers
Tia Landers

Prison call: I’m going to ‘smash her f***ing skull in’

JUST days before Tia Landers died, the woman charged with her murder was allegedly boasting about her future demise on a phone in prison.

"I'm going to f*** that bitch so f***ing bad. I'm going to smash her f***ing skull in," a woman could be heard saying in a recording played in Brisbane Supreme Court.

The Crown alleges the voice came from Linda Eileen Appleton, who was in custody, speaking her co-accused John Edward Harris about Ms Landers.

The couple are facing a trial after pleaded not guilty to murdering Ms Landers at Brighton on June 16, 2014.

Ms Harris can be heard telling Ms Appleton "this is not a conversation for the phone".

But Ms Appleton persists in the June 9 conversation from prison to Mr Harris.

"This bitch will be getting boot ridden," she says.

John again interjects: "Are you actually having this conversation on the phone?"

The comments came after Ms Appleton's stepdaugther told her property was missing from her drawers.

Jake McKenzie previously told the court Ms Landers had stolen Ms Appleton's clothes and turned up wearing them.

He said Ms Landers tried to explain to them she did steal them but she was trying to get everything back to the people she stole from.  

"We got a percentage of it back but there was still a lot stuff still missing," he said.  

"Apparently she had a $20,000 chain that never got found."  

Mr McKenzie testified on Wednesday that said he saw the couple attack his friend Ms Landers with a machete and a bayonet-like knife before shooting her twice with a handgun and then smothering her with a plastic shopping bag "to finish her off".  

Another alleged witness Ryan Morgan, 21, told the court today he was looking at Facebook on his phone in Ms Landers' car when Ms Appleton turned up with a knife and ordered him inside their Brighton home.

When asked details about the knife, he said he could not remember, a frequent answer during his reluctant testimony before the jury.

"It's all horrific. I don't remember, f***!" he said.

Mr Morgan said he saw Ms Landers on the ground and there was "blood everywhere" when he went inside.

"They were just screaming at each other - old love, old mate and Tia," he said, referring to the accused and their alleged victim.

Mr Morgan said he spent most of the time bent over with his head between his legs so he did not see much.

He said he often heard Ms Landers "begging for her life" and then eventually heard "two gun shots, one after the other".

Mr Morgan said he was then asked to clean up blood from the coffee table, table and walls.

"They shot my friend, obviously I'm going to do whatever they ask," he said.

Ms Landers' body was found wrapped in a blanket in a shallow grave in Beerburrum forest in July 2014.

Appleton and Harris have pleaded guilty to interfering with a corpse and guilty to depriving alleged witnesses Jake McKenzie, 24, and Ryan Morgan, 21, of their liberty.


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