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Property buyers find the pot of gold at home in Rainbow Bay

HOME owners are quickly waking up to the idyllic lifestyle found in the once-sleepy holiday town of Rainbow Bay, on the border of Queensland and New South Wales.

Living streets away from some of the best surf breaks in the country, any beach-goer would find Rainbow Bay the perfect place to call home.

RBR agent Lenny McLennan said the suburb was quickly shaping up to be one of the most desirable places to live in the Tweed and Gold Coast regions.

"There has been some interesting new and eye-catching property additions to the sleepy holiday town of Rainbow Bay of late,” Mr McLennan said.

"Particularly the space-aged pod-looking home being developed on the top of Duranbah Hill, which is turning plenty of heads in the Tweed.”

While the predominant age group in Rainbow Bay is 60-69 years, Mr McLennan said many professionals were turning to the area for a new lease on life.

"In general, people in Rainbow Bay work in a professional occupation,” Mr McLennan said.

"The Tweed/Northern Rivers is one of Australia's most beautiful places to live and holiday, though it has far more going for it than just being gorgeous.

"Whether you're a university student, a young family or a couple about to retire, the Tweed/Northern Rivers provides the perfect balance, giving you all the things you need for a perfectly balanced and healthy lifestyle, with all the natural beauty that thousands enjoy as a holiday destination each year.

"People on the Tweed/Northern Rivers are some of the friendliest in Australia. It doesn't take much to make friends up here, as most people seem more interested in being happy and healthy than in rushing around chasing money.

"Being surrounded by a more positive and relaxing atmosphere can have an enormous impact on your quality of life, so leave the negative city vibes behind and move to where you can enjoy where you live a little more.

"Moving to the Tweed/Northern Rivers may be just the thing to get you out of a rut and back into living a healthy, happy life.

"No longer just a holiday destination, places like Tweed/ Northern Rivers have begun to embrace more than just their tourist attractions, and as a result have become far more interesting places to be.”

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