Tweed MP Geoff Provest.
Tweed MP Geoff Provest. Blainey Woodham

Letters to the editor: 'Provest’s record says it all'

Here is a selection of our latest Letters to the editor:


Provest's record says it all

IT WAS very disappointing when National Party MP Geoff Provest was asked about his party's plans for a $6 fee for bulk billing ('doctor tax') that he refused to answer the question, and instead responded with a series of unrelated and untrue claims about me.

We can only assume Mr Provest supports the unfair Liberal National Party Plan to introduce a $6 tax for GP visits.

In his letter, Mr Provest referred to a number of local health projects in our region. I've delivered both the Tweed Heads after-hours clinic (near Tweed Hospital) in 2005, and the GP Superclinic (South Tweed) in 2013.

The superclinic is providing an outstanding service to locals, and bulk bills many of its patients.

Mr Provest also referred to the community campaign to stop CSG mining on the North Coast.

I stand with locals in opposing CSG mining, and will continue to fight the National Party's pro-CSG drilling, fracking and expansion agenda.

In contrast, locals know Geoff Provest is a strong supporter of CSG mining and CSG mining companies.

In terms of the proposal for GST on Mobile Home Parks, I'm proud to have fought with the community to stop this unfair attack.

It's insulting to the thousands of mobile home residents that National Party members continue to ridicule those in our community who worked hard to stop this injustice.

Geoff Provest also refers to Ron Goodman in his response. Ron Goodman is a community champion who volunteered his time to work on my campaign because he, like thousands of others across our area, wants to stop CSG mining. Ron is a local Labor Party member.

I stand on my record.

This is in contrast to Geoff Provest who has failed to deliver on so many of his promises.

He failed to deliver the promised more police, Pottsville high school and homeless shelter at Tweed.

The only thing Geoff Provest and his National Party mates have ever delivered is harmful CSG mining - that is their legacy.

Justine Elliot

Richmond MP


Dog owner  comes forward

THANK-you for that excellent "Your Say" piece that you published about the death of my nine-year-old bichon frise in a dog attack by two bull terriers (Jan 4-5, 2014 edition).

After that appeared in the paper, the owner of the two bull terriers finally contacted me and offered to pay off the vet bill.

I have instructed my solicitor to reject that offer because I want her out of my life immediately, not a part of it for the next two years, and so it is still ongoing.

Thanks to your article though, at least she has been shamed enough to make some effort, albeit an unsatisfactory one.  

Linda Carmody



Fun times with council continue

JUST back - so I don't know how much "hot water" Kingscliff Councillor Byrne is in.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother to go away - it's so entertaining here.

Anyway an initial browse of the local news found Troy Green went from 10 months acting to appointed for five years. 

I doubt however anything will save Barry and/or his facsimile as the precedent for this type of conduct was set long ago. "Live by the sword, die by the sword".  

Terry Sharples

Tweed Heads  


Personal attacks fail to contribute

MR Provest's response to my concerns over the Federal Government's proposed $6 GP visit fee was startling to say the least.

Factually incorrect personal attacks contribute nothing to the level of debate, and are certainly no comfort to those who worry about accessing health care.

Mr Provest can carry on in this vein if he likes, but I think that is exactly the kind of behaviour that turns people off politics and politicians.  

Ron Goodman

Banora Point    


Letter hit the nail on the head

I HAVE been asked many times why I have not written for some time.

In fact I have not written since the last Federal Election when the Greens handed this electorate on a platter to Justine Elliot - once again the tail wagging the dog.

Everything Geoff Provest said in last week's letters was spot on ... Justine has made many promises to us "sheep" over the years.

While at the same time getting involved with state politics which is not what we pay her for.

Many of my friends are pensioners; they would like to know when Justine is going in to bat to get them the same benefits as illegal immigrants.

I tell them in their dreams or when the GP super clinic (built by taxpayer funds) becomes fully bulk billed as it should be.  

George Kelly



Check facts please Geoff

GEOFF Provest's untruthful letter re: Ron Goodman's hospital question shows Geoff Provest only has contempt for the intelligence of Tweed voters. 

Rather than informing the readers with simple sober facts, he Mr Provest disappointingly decided to lie. 

I know this because I have used both the after- hours doctors' surgery in Wharf St, Tweed Heads, and the new GP clinic in Corporation Circuit, South Tweed, built thanks to Justine Elliot's hard work.

It's more than Geoff's lies; it's about never being able to believe anything Geoff Provest says again.

I'm sorry Geoff but it's over for me.  

Ann Bennett

Tweed Heads South    


Is it really in, or out?

WHEN a ball's shadow shows it is less than half over the line the ball is 'out' because it is above the line, not touching it. 

A ball not touching the white line, often merely a smidgeon seemingly touching down, is called 'in'. 

It is by the rule, out of play, 'OUT'.  

Frank Hainsworth


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