Public voice should be heard: Holdom

TWEED shire councillor Dot Holdom says she agrees it would be wrong to clear the council’s public gallery if only one or a few people are being noisy and causing disruption during meetings.

Earlier this week Murwillumbah mother and frequent council spectator Lisa Townsend told the councillors they were going too far with threats to clear the gallery following loud protests by apparent Greens Party supporters at the last council meeting.

Mrs Townsend told councillors they shouldn’t be in the job if they cannot make decisions in front of a hostile crowd and called on them to instead eject individual trouble makers, just as a pub bouncer would.

Cr Holdom said it might be better to caution any person before stopping the meeting to vote on ejecting anyone.

“I’m very much for the democratic right of all people to have their say but there has to be a sense of order. Otherwise it is a cacophony of noise and nothing gets achieved.”

Earlier this month mayor Warren Polglase warned he would get tough on noisy protesters, if necessary clearing the entire gallery.

Mrs Townsend said to “threaten to throw out the whole gallery because of a handful of people is profoundly undemocratic”.

“Democracy would be lost on the Tweed the second that you vote for even more restrictions,” she said.

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