Quarry unwanted on Gold Coast

STOP the Gold Coast Quarry is confident the State Government has misled it.

But it hastened to add at its meeting last night amid at least 30 degree heat at St Andrews Lutheran College, it was not a "witch hunt".

Burleigh MP Christine Smith said the proposed quarry was not in her electorate but acknowledged it would affect her constituents.

"Despite being a member of the government I'm not here to defend the quarry," Mrs Smith said.

"It's not something that is required, wanted or should be imposed on the people of this area."

Burleigh LNP candidate Michael Hart placed the onus on Mrs Smith to do everything in her power to influence the Bligh Government to change its mind.

"As far as the LNP is concerned, it's very supportive of the STOP process," Mr Hart said.

"I don't think this quarry needs to be here and, if elected as your member, that's the direction I'll be taking."

The prevailing message from every elected representative there whether Labor, LNP or Gold Coast City Council was the importance of not only maintaining but building dissenting voices' momentum.

The council's Finance Committee chairman Eddy Sarroff said all opposed needed "to take a hardline approach to this issue now, on this side of the election".

"Council was asked to change its planning scheme, and my view is council should take a harder stance and reject any pressure to change its planning scheme.

"Michael, you need to go to (LNP leader) Campbell (Newman) and get a commitment right now."

Dave Taylor from Old Burleigh Town said his community was closest to the proposed quarry and "it's just not on".

"With all due respect to Christine, if they're the ones we have to have a crack at, let's have a crack at them.

"Politicians are not our masters, they're the servants of the people," Mr Taylor said.

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