A bath in the snow at the Quebec Winter Carnival

As someone who is used to the warm sunny climate of the Sunshine Coast, arriving in freezing Quebec is quite a shock. But what's even more of a shock is the sight of a group of semi-naked men and women prancing around in the snow.  

They run onto the snow, laughing and screaming. The group of men and women are wearing bikinis, straw skirts or bathing suits. The only items of clothing to keep them warm are their winter boots, beanies and gloves.   

Snowballs fly and there are cheers and howls of approval from the crowd. The giant chubby Michelin-man-like snowman and ambassador of the Quebec Winter Carnival, Bonhomme, rocks happily from side to side as he frolics with the bathers.   

Some of are doing a jig to to keep warm while a few hardy souls throw themselves on the ground, making angels in the snow.   

The Snow Bath is an event not to miss at the Quebec Winter Carnival, which is held in Quebec City each year and is one of the world's largest winter festivals.  

Watch this video to see how the group prepared for their freezing adventure

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