Queensland LNP celebrates 'new way of doing things'

THE head of Queensland's LNP has thanked the 14,000 members who championed "a new way of doing politics" on the party's fifth birthday.

President Bruce McIvor told hundreds at the 2013 LNP convention that they wanted to stop the squabbling and change what happened in city hall, state parliament and Canberra.

He said the LNP now had a strong decentralised party membership across all of Queensland.

"It took decades to get to the point where we had a united voice," he said.

Mr McIvor said there were 158 possible  local, state and federal government seats across Queensland.

He said the LNP held 119 of those which equated to 75% of all available positions compared to just 38% in recent years.

Mr McIvor used his opening speech to have a dig at Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

He said Mr Rudd stretched the truth and pointed to his Kokoda Track walk in 2006.

"He claimed he walked the Kokoda Track," he said.

"He walked part way down the track and got flown out."

Mr McIvor also pointed to the fringe-benefit tax concessions for salary-sacrificed vehicles on cars as an example of policy on the run.

He told the predominately country base that one-tonne Holden and Toyota utes would "go up through the sky" because they were not covered.

Mr McIvor said Mr Rudd did not understand the gravity of his actions.

He said the LNP should throw its support behind Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and his team instead of worrying about local government referendums.

Mr McIvor also lashed out at Redcliffe MP Scott Driscoll, who was sacked from the party after allegations of dodgy dealings, as he spoke about the importance of trust and honesty.

He claimed it was natural justice, not the actions of the media, that saw him chucked from the party.

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