THERE is something to be said for being fashionably late, just ask Queensland Police.  

While police departments across the globe were rushing to knock out their "Running Man Challenge", Queensland Police waited.  

They watched firemen dancing in garages, NZ Police dancing in car parks, Scottish officers being summoned by bag-pipe, but in Queensland, they were biding their time.  


They knew their absence would have to be noted in what fast became a global internet sensation.  

And while they didn't begin the craze, they obviously wanted to be the ones to end it.   

Police from the Gold Coast, Beenleigh, and Goodna all signed on, as did the Water Police, Mounted Unit, Dog Squad and Major and Organised Crime Squad.

Each group put together their own video, which were then sent over to the media team.

A spokesman said:

It was decided that the Queensland entry would include snippets from each group's video in order to showcase the diversity of the state and its people as well as the variety of roles within the Service. 

And with 23,000 likes, 6200 comments and close to a million views in just 19 hours, Queensland Police Service again showed how it dominates social media.  

In 67 seconds, QPS has created not just a show-stopping response to shout-outs from other departments, it almost doubles as a Queensland Tourism campaign.

From the park, to the beach, to the sea and even to the stables, the men and women in blue break out their killer moves.


Life preservers, dancing koalas, dog trainers all swing into action, dancing to the now-iconic Ghost Town DJs track.  

Of course they end on a high note, giving a nod to perhaps Queensland Police Service's most famous social media post.

From the Facebook page:

Ok, we'll see your #runningmanchallenge NZ Police Recruitment and raise you with added boats, beaches and bad dancing.

We would challenge someone else but there's no one left.

We're off to work on our ice bucket challenge video now...

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