Quick thinking saves couple from carjacker

A GYMPIE musician says his opinion of Caloundra has taken a beating after nearly falling victim to a would-be carjacker.

Neil Jenkins said he and his partner Helen Grainger were shaken after a masked assailant attempted to commandeer their car on Thursday night.

After Mr Jenkins finished a Caloundra Fringe Festival gig at the Forty Five 51 bar, the pair was winding through the backstreets on the way back to Gympie.

Ms Grainger, who was driving, slowed down because she feared the assailant was intoxicated and attempted to avoid a collision.

However she soon realised his intent when she noticed his face was masked and was attempting to open the car door.

A quick-thinking Ms Grainger immediately locked her front driver's side door and sped off.

"He ran in front of us and (Ms Grainger) slowed down because she thought she was going to hit him," Mr Jenkins said.

"She thought he was drunk so she slowed down but then he went for the door and tried to get in.

"When we got up close we realised that his face was covered up and in one fell swoop he tried to open the car door. He got pretty close to getting in.

"It was unbelievable.

"She just sped away. We were running on adrenaline. We're not used to that happening."

The solo musician was a frequent performer on the Sunshine Coast and but said he would be wary on future visits.

"I lived at Caloundra for a number of years, I moved (to Gympie) three years ago, but I used to feel safe, I'd leave my car door unlocked when I parked it," Mr Jenkins said.

"It certainly does impact the way I feel about Caloundra, why wouldn't it?

"I've had two gigs since and I haven't driven without my car doors being locked. I mean it probably won't happen again but I never thought it would happen in the first place."

Mr Jenkins said he had contacted Sunshine Coast police but had not yet had an official statement.

A man has been charged with an attempted robbery of a Caloundra service station on Thursday night.

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