Racing board members say inquiry full of 'wild accusations'

A $3 MILLION inquiry into Queensland's racing industry failed to investigate a number of significant management issues, former racing board members say.

Brisbane Times reports they claim the government "conveniently cut off" the terms of reference for the inquiry in April last year, meaning many issues weren't investigated and are now causing serious concern for industry members.

Lawyers for former Racing Queensland (RQL) chairman Bob Bentley and board members Bill Ludwig, Tony Hanmer and Wayne Milner on Monday released a four-page response to the inquiry's findings.

They say the Queensland attorney-general's description of RQL pre April 2012 as "the dark days of racing" shows an unbalanced reading of the commission's 488-page report".

"While there are some matters that may be the subject of further investigation, there are many other matters that any fair-minded reader would be interested to know," it said.

The response states that "wild accusations" about millions and millions of dollars being spent by RQL on certain projects had not been substantiated.

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