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Rain just keeps coming

BANORA Point has copped a whopping two-thirds of its yearly average rainfall only 14 weeks into the year.

Rainfall recorders in Banora Point, Tweed Heads and Chillingham have analysed their records of the year to date with astonishing results.

Banora Point rainfall recorder Clifford Clothier, who supplies the local daily rainfall figures to the Tweed Daily News, has already recorded 1186.05mm of rain this year.

The yearly average, according to his statistics, which is derived from 13 years of data, is 1706.06mm (68 inches on the imperial scale).

“No one can deny that it has been a very wet start to the year,” Mr Clothier said.

“We may be on the way to surpassing the yearly average very soon.

“This much rain in such a short amount of time is crazy.”

Massive amounts of rainfall have pummelled the Tweed constantly for two weeks in what is, on average, a drier month.

Mr Clothier said Banora Point's yearly rainfall to date is a strong reminder of 1999's wet season.

Figures from Murwillum- bah show 2375mm of rain was dumped in the year ending the 20th century, the only time in the past 20 years rainfall there has surpassed 2000mm.

Wal Smith, the Tweed Daily News rainfall recorder for Tweed Heads, said his area may also be on the way to trumping the yearly average.

“The start of the year is our wet season, but it usually tends to dry up around now. Instead it's been raining almost non-stop for nearly two weeks,” Mr Smith said.

From his records, the Tweed Heads yearly average was 1651mm, and already more than half has fallen.

“We have received 981mm of rain in Tweed Heads since January 1,” he said.

“We're well over half way there. It has been an exceptionally wet season to start off the year.

“The rain usually drops off between May and July, but this hasn't been a usual season, so there's no telling what may happen.”

Mr Smith said the year's early rainfall comes off a drenched ending to last year.

Tweed Head readings of 442mm of rain in November last year capped off 2008 with 1764mm, the highest since his massive 1999 recording of 3009mm.

Further out west at Chillingham, rainfall recorder Trevor Thomson said his results are similar to those in Banora Point and Tweed Heads.

“We've had 894mm of rain this year to date,” Mr Thomson said.

Chillingham's yearly average is 1727.2mm.

“I would say there is more rain out near the coast than out here,” he said.

The Bureau of Meteorology yesterday predicted a few showers with late thunder and a shower or two for today with a maximum of 29 degrees before clearing for the rest of the week.

Rainfall stats

Yearly rainfall at Murwillumbah in past 10 years:

  • 1999 - 2375mm
  • 2000 - 1056mm
  • 2001 - 1405mm
  • 2002 - 768mm
  • 2003 - 1468mm
  • 2004 - 1678mm
  • 2005 - 991mm
  • 2006 - 1350mm
  • 2007 - 1094mm
  • 2008 - 1764mm

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