Casuarina Hockey Club players are not happy about hoons ruining their playing field.
Casuarina Hockey Club players are not happy about hoons ruining their playing field. Tweed Daily News

Ratbags wreck Casuarina sports field

IN the space of a couple of weeks hoons have ruined the Casuarina Hockey Club's newly top-dressed playing fields.

The club completed about $5000 worth of work on the pitches in the off-season, creating one of the highest-quality hockey fields on the Tweed.

But now six weeks into the season there are burnout circles all over the ground, which will scar the field for the rest of the year.

After months of negotiations with Tweed Shire Council to have bollards erected, the vandalism fast-tracked the process and they were installed by Council officers on Friday.

Groundsman Kevin Conroy has had his work ruined by the hoons.

“Three times in a week they have been here and done that,” he said, referring to the marks on the field.

“We have put a lot of time into getting the field looking good, now it has been destroyed in a week and it will have an impact for the rest of the year. We're past the growing season, so the growth rate for new grass will be slow.

“The whole field was only top-dressed at the end of last year and was looking fantastic a month ago.”

Young player Jack Jones isn't happy either, because now when he tries to hit the ball past the tyre marks it is stopped in its tracks.

“It is bumpy and it stops the ball,” Jack said.

Mr Conroy said he would like to see the culprits punished, however there were no witnesses.

“We would like these people be caught; maybe they know the impact they are having on people, maybe they don't. We would love to see them caught and have action taken against them,” he said.

He said the bollards should prevent further hooning on the pitch.

“There's no vehicle access to the field, now they are going to have to vandalise something to get on to the field (if they want to do burn- outs).

Megan Brodhurst-Hill has children who play in the club and said it was a shame to see the hard work ruined.

“It has taken those guys a lot of time to mark out the fields and keep them tidy, we take a lot of pride in the Casuarina Hockey Club,” Mrs Brodhurst Hill said.

“The fields are only new and some of the best on the Tweed; it would be nice to keep them that way.”

Hanson's at Chinderah recently donated about $4000 worth of sand to top-dress the field and Mr Conroy estimates about $5000 worth of work was done on the pitch.

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