Tweed Shire general manager Mike Rayner
Tweed Shire general manager Mike Rayner Tweed Daily News

Rayner 'breached code of conduct'

TWEED mayor Joan van Lieshout's request for Council's general manager to step down from his controversial position on the Rally Australia board has been backed by a group in opposition of the event.

The No Rally Group has lodged a formal complaint with Cr van Lieshout alleging general manager Mike Rayner has breached the Council's code of conduct by being on the Board of Directors of Rally Australia.

Cr van Lieshout revealed her call for Mr Rayner's resignation from the board earlier this month in the wake of the release of an email trail showing a lengthy and close involvement between Mr Rayner and organisers of the world championship car rally which is planned for the Tweed in September.

No Rally president Michael McNamara said Council's code of conduct imposes very high standards on public office bearers, including appointed officials such as Mr Rayner.

“Mr Rayner has had very close links with the rally organisers for nearly three years,” Mr McNamara said.

“This was made plain by the discovery of emails showing his pivotal role in driving the development of plans for the rally and the letter from CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motor Sport) inviting him to join the board.”

Mr McNamara called for Mr Rayner to give up one or both of his top jobs.

“The Mayor has asked him to step aside from the Rally Australia board and he has rejected that.

“Surely he has enough understanding of ethics, morality and integrity to resign on his own volition.

“He shouldn't have even had to be asked.”

Cr van Lieshout said she had briefly read the No Rally group's complaint.

“I'm very well aware of the code of conduct issues; They do not escape me.

“I'm determined to act re- sponsibly in my position.”

Cr van Lieshout will this week arrange a meeting of Rally Australia stakeholders, excluding Mr Rayner, and community groups.

“The Rally is the State's responsibility, but I have to ensure all representation goes through me, and I am well aware of any decisions or hiccups that may arise.”

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