YOU SAID: Keep teaching religion at our public schools

A FATHER has called to stop the teaching of religion in public schools, but the majority of our readers don't agree. 

Craig Everett said the lessons were optional, not mandatory in public schools.

"If you don't want your child involved then don't sign them into the course," he said.

Craig believes if schools incorporate religious instruction, then it should encompass all religions, not just Christianity.

FULL REPORT: Dad calls for halt to school religion

Kathleen Schuback believes that chaplains do a lot more than just religious education.

"They deal with so many things from school yard bullying through to exercise programs and help with self esteem," Kathleen said.

She said chaplains can be life savers for some kids. 

Sorcha Mac agrees religious education is fine but she's opposed to the current chaplaincy programs in schools. 

Millisa Solly questioned why it should stop completely. 

"There are people who want there child/ren educated about God, just write a note if you prefer your child/ren does not join in and there will be alternative arrangements for them," she said. 

Shannon Robertson wants to see schools putting a stop to teaching algebra.

"I haven't used algebra since I left school 25 years ago," Shannon said. 

Paul Mckenzie believes religious education teaches the kids morals and the true meaning of religion.

"It must stay in schools, removing it is giving the animals a victory over Christianity," Paul said. 

What do you think about religion being taught in public schools? Join the conversation and have your say below. 

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