Really really really good things
Really really really good things Richard Mamando

Really good things open in Murwillumbah

THE owners of Murwillumbah cafe Keith have opened a new store and it's really, really, really good.

Katie Brown and Matthew Taylor's newest venture, which is located out the back of their popular cafe and named Really really really good things, contains a mix of pickles, preserves, fresh bread and other locally sourced items. We chat with Matthew about the opening of the new store.

What's the story behind the name?

The idea behind it is a homage to our favourite restaurant back in Toronto, which was an Italian restaurant called Gio Rana's Really really really really really nice restaurant, we couldn't go as far as five "reallys” but ended up naming it in tribute to our favourite place.

What made you decide to open Really really really good things?

We just wanted to have a shop that sold the things that we would want to go out and buy. Because we make everything for the cafe in-house, we had a surplus of pickles and preserves, so thought we'd get them out there and serve them to our customers. We also have a selection of salads that change daily, bagels, sandwiches, soups and take-home meals including frozen lasagnes, cottage pies, frozen pizzas with locally sourced bases, and we sell fresh local bread as well.

What separates your business from the rest?

There's nothing really like what we're doing in town. We all have the same sort of business model where it's coffee and food, but we make everything - I mean everything - in-house. As many local ingredients as possible, right down to the pastry we roll out for pies and sausage rolls. The idea was to price it at a point where it's accessible to everybody. You can go to delis similar to what we're doing but we didn't want it to be a special occasion where you come to us, we want it to be where if you don't feel like cooking you can take home a pasta or a pizza or a pie. You don't have to go to a chain grocery store to get a pizza, you can get a pizza knowing exactly what the ingredients are.

What type of challenges have you faced running such a popular business?

I think the challenges are daily. Whether it comes from pleasing as many people as possible, it's trying to stay a step ahead of the game and have fresh ideas all the time. We have an amazing team that work with us, whether it's in the shop, kitchen or cafe. The challenge is to always stay ahead and keep things moving and keep the momentum. We've been doing it for three years now and it's still always a pleasure to be here and come in and see everyone every day.

Fast Facts

Where: 132 Murwillumbah St, Murwillumbah NSW



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