Sacked: former Tweed Shire Council general manager David Keenan.
Sacked: former Tweed Shire Council general manager David Keenan. John Gass

Dear editor: Tweed council is reaping what it has sown

Dear Editor,

It is with regret that we hear David Keenan will leave the Tweed in early December to return to Victoria.

He could have been the best thing that ever happened to the Tweed ... if only he'd been given a fair go by our gang of four councillors, by Minister Page, by The DLG, by The Ombudsman.

There is absolutely no excuse for their disgraceful behaviour.

Many people, eight months after his sacking, still ask what was it all about?

Well, it was not all about Leda.

They are focused on one area of contention.

But right across the board, "things" happen here with the system's agreement that are not necessarily in the best interests of fair play.

So for Mayor Longland to accuse Leda of underhand tactics is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. What arrogance.

David Keenan was trying to bring in change, in many areas, whilst our gang of four and others behind the scenes certainly do not want any change whatsoever.

So they had to get rid of him.

No doubt our next GM will be told in no uncertain terms - do as I/we say or you too will be summarily dismissed like the previous GM.

For L.Smith to state that the four should be congratulated for their integrity, God help us.

Obviously she does not know the meaning of the word, or she certainly would not associate it with them.

May all involved fully reap what they have sown.

Mike Yarrow



Inflatable park won't equal fun

Dear editor,  I am concerned about Warren Polglase's idea of introducing an inflatable fun park to the Jack Evans Boat Harbour (Tweed Border Mail, November20.11.13).

The Southport Broadwater is a largely featureless waterway that may welcome this added attraction, but we don't need it. How many residents know that in the early 1980s developers had their sights set on the harbour?   

The first proposal was for a beer garden and car park on the southern beach front, next it was for a boat marina which would have rendered the still water unsafe for children, then the owners of Seascape applied to privatise their beachfront, and more recently Centro Tweed applied to extend their property across Bay St.  

It was due to the foresight and determination of the then mayor, Max Boyd, and like-minded councillors of that period that preserved the precious space we are all able to enjoy today.  

Both adults and children can make use of this area, free from the bustle of the town and with no need for parents to continually put their hand in their pocket to keep their children happy.  

What we have in Tweed Heads is an unique and tranquil setting for outdoor enjoyment. Let's keep it that way.   G.Barton Banora Point  


Prepare to enlist Mr Abbott

Dear editor,  Whether it will be Indonesia, China or the next country to come along, could Tony Abbott and his crew please join the Army, Navy or Air Force, because they will be responsible for any war that may eventuate as a result of our abysmal entry into international relationship.   

Jim Banks

Pottsville Beach    


Northern Rivers leads the way

Dear editor,

Friends of the Koala sends a very warm thank-you to everyone who took part in the 2013 Great Koala Count.   

Because of your involvement and the regional media's great support, organisers have declared the inaugural count a resounding success.   

Nearly 800 people from across NSW (with a handful from South Australia, Victoria and Queensland) registered for the count.   

While far fewer lodged records, I'm proud to report that the biggest concentration of participants was in the Northern Rivers.   

You accounted for about a third of those who spent time searching for koalas and you contributed more than half the koala sightings.   

Friends of the Koala's early commitment to the Great Koala Count ensured that the National Parks Association of NSW and the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative chose the Northern Rivers region to be the pilot's focus.   

Your response clearly demonstrates we are a community concerned about the future of our koalas and already closely engaged in their conservation.  

Verification of the records is nearing completion.   

Some of you will have received an email or phone call checking a co-ordinate or other detail.  The next stage will be analysing the data.  

The report promised to all participants is well on track for release in February 2014.  

Planning a bigger and better count in November next year is already underway.  

Friends of the Koala encourages you to continue reporting your koala sightings throughout the year by going to the help tab on our website:

Lorraine Vass President,

Friends of the Koala  


Let's keep the comment coming   

Dear editor,

The communication process has changed over the centuries, the mass production of newspapers from the letterpress process to the internet.   

We now have the blog. In the days of yore, the sage writers submitted their pages to a newspaper office and without the editor's screening, their points of view were published and keenly followed by the readers.   

0ne of the leading newspapers in London, The Spectator for example, accepted points of view as a part of the culture of early newspapers in Fleet Street.

The following essayists in the 17th Century: Joseph Addison (English), Sir Richard Steele (British) and Thomas Paine who was born in England, later becoming an American patriot and philosopher.  

The internet has again permitted unfettered writers with a point of view who we hear on talkback radio and read on blog sites ... many of them are like Thomas Paine - 'trouble makers'.

Can our metro, regional and rural newspapers have their own blog sites in print, permitting a point of view as was once the custom?  

Warren James

Tweed Heads

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