Reflections show Hastings at its best

MIRROR: Catching the first rays of light at Hastings Point headland is a magical affair.
MIRROR: Catching the first rays of light at Hastings Point headland is a magical affair. Ryan Fowler Photography

Behind the Lens with Ryan Fowler

LOW tide at the base of Hastings Point headland reveals all of these amazing little rock pools that offer a mirror-like reflection.

The day before taking this shot, I scouted the area so I knew where to go in the dark and what sort of composition to use. Scouting the location before the actual shoot can be incredibly valuable. Not only do you get to see the location, but it allows you to visualise the image you're going to capture.

For example, if you know how high the tides will be or which direction the sun will rise from, you'll be able to know where to stand, what the area will be like with waves and most importantly, you can see the image well before capturing it.

This image is a 3-shot bracket with two exposures 2-stops +/-. The base settings were 0.6s at f/11 and ISO50.

* Ryan Fowler is a Casuarina-based photographer. You can contact him at

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