Register CCTV systems with police

TWEED business owners with CCTV systems could help solve crimes if they register their systems with police.

By registering on the NSW police website, local business owners will not only provide potentially crime-solving footage to police, but they will also cut the time it takes for officers to retrieve footage from locations where a crime has been committed.

CCTV (closed-circuit television) details will be stored on a secure central database that will allow police to map their locations throughout the state.

Officers will then be able to easily access footage after a crime is committed by contacting any registered business owners in the relevant area.

Tweed/Byron police crime prevention officer, Senior Constable Andrew Eppelstun, encouraged businesses with CCTV systems installed in customer areas or outside the premises to register.

“Obviously CCTV can be crucial in identifying offenders and can assist police in solving crimes,” Snr Const Eppelstun said. “A lot of businesses have their own CCTV footage, and these are the ones we want to capture, which would be of huge assistance to local police.

“It is an investigative tool that allows police to quickly identify CCTV installations in the area of a crime and give them the ability to contact owners and have the potentially crime-solving footage saved without having to engage in time-consuming doorknocking and chasing up the footage.”

CCTV footage is increasingly being used as a crime-prevention tool and has improved security at places like airports, shopping centres and licensed premises.

The police CCTV register, launched back in February, not only helps police investigate major incidents but also the smaller crimes such as shoplifting and break-and-enters, Snr Const Eppelstun said.

He encouraged businesses without CCTV systems to consider installing them.

“Criminals are less likely to commit offences in areas being monitored by security cameras,” Snr Const Eppelstun.

Register your CCTV at

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