Miracle bub’s fitness mission to support hospital

Five-year-old Amelia Springall has been running the Ipswich Hospital Foundation Park2Park her whole life and she doesn't plan on stopping.

Before Amelia was born her Mum, Natalie Springall, participated in Park2Park for her own health and fitness.

Amelia Springall at last year’s Park2Park
Amelia Springall at last year’s Park2Park

"It's about the atmosphere and the feel of it, you run into people you only see each year at the run and it's just a great feeling," Mrs Springall said.

"I've been doing it since 2011 and I originally did it for fitness and it was because I had lost 25 kilos the year before.

"So the first year I actually ran was more so pretty much so that I could actually do it."

A couple years later, when Mrs Springall gave birth to her daughter Amelia her reasons behind participating in the event changed.

Amelia was born 24 weeks early and although she spent most of her recovery at a Gold Coast hospital, Mrs Springall said that the staff at Ipswich Hospital had been so helpful in Amelia's recovery.

"If people realised where the money was going and what it is actually helping with I'm sure they'd participate and help," Mrs Springall said.

Mrs Springall said that the support she received from Ipswich Hospital during Amelia's recovery was second to none.

"She was in the special care nursery at Ipswich Hospital for a month," she said.

"They have been a big part of her life and you see the work they're doing and you hope other people see that and event's like this are important for that reason."

Five years on, Mrs Springall and Amelia continue to participate in the event with Amelia racking up an impressive collection of participation medals.

This year, the Charity Fun Run has gone virtual to support Virtual Healthcare and the Hospital Foundation.

Park2Park Virtual Fun Run is the fun run done anywhere, anytime over the four-week event: Sunday 26th July until Sunday 23rd August 2020.

To register, find out more, or donate, visit www.p2pfun.run/live

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