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Repco rally report results are in

AN “independent” survey on the business impact of the Repco Rally Australia held in September has been completed but details won’t be made public just yet.

The survey was commissioned by the council watchdog group Tweed Monitor, whose spokesperson Jerry Cornford yesterday announced the results had been sent off for analysis.

“The survey canvassed major business venues in towns and villages on the rally route through the Tweed,” Mr Cornford said.

“It was designed to compare customer numbers and takings during the week of the rally with the same week in 2008, and with an average non-holiday week, and to collect a range of other data on the rally impact on business.

“The results have been sent to two different companies for collation and analysis.”

Mr Cornford said the results of the survey would be made available to the government, Events NSW, local and federal politicians and to Tweed Shire Council.

He said the only businesses not included were accommodation venues as their booking figures would be available through Tweed Tourism and Tourism NSW and service stations.

The complete results would also be made publicly available but probably not until Events NSW give a date for the release of their figures.

Mr Cornford said he should have the audited results next week and might then be able to release “a few examples with the permission of the businesses involved.”

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