Reunited: Neil Bowden and his son Joshua with Daja, back home after missing for five months.
Reunited: Neil Bowden and his son Joshua with Daja, back home after missing for five months. Crystal Spencer

Missing dog found 340km from home

A dog that has been lost for five months has been returned to its owners after being found more than 340km away.

The Bowden family from Bogangar were lost for words when they received a phone call from the Gympie RSPCA saying their collie cross boxer named “Daja” had been found in Kilkivan.

“My wife took the call,” Daja's owner Neil Bowden said. “It bought tears to her eyes.”

Daja had been identified with a microchip, inserted when she was just a pup.

“Without micro chipping it never would have happened,” Mr Bowden said.

“It was definitely money well spent.”

Daja is a friendly dog who often wonders off around the neighbourhood.

“Someone had taken her when she wondered off one day,” Mr Bowden said.

“All types of thoughts were running through our heads; I would hate to think she was abused.

“She was away for some time, but we hadn't given up on her.”

Mr Bowden's son Joshua, who is eight years old, one year older than Daja, said he didn't think it was real when the news came that Daja had been found.

“I was happy, but felt like it was a dream,” Joshua said.

Joshua had asked his dad for another dog in the absence of Daja.

“He said no, but if he had said yes we would have an extra dog now,” Joshua said.

Daja was found by council rangers in Kilkivan and delivered to the Gympie RSPCA. and the Bowden family were reunited with her last Friday night. “We were so relieved she was alive and nothing bad had happened to her,” Mr Bowden said.

There have also been some changes in the Bowden house.

“Daja is now allowed inside the house,” Joshua said.

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