Kasey Chambers' star-studded EP set for release

WE all remember the classic hit "Am I Not Pretty Enough" among a bunch of amazing records by Australia's very own Kasey Chambers and soon this country icon will be releasing her latest EP.  

The long-awaited EP will feature a duet with country king Keith Urban and producing credits for Paul Kelly. 

Titled Ain't No Little Girl, Chambers said the title song on the EP references surgery she went through last year on her vocal cords, 7News reported.   

"My voice has a new-found strength in it since surgery in May last year but I think even more of the strength has come from a power within myself personally that is then projected through my voice in this song," she said.  

The talented sings last album, Bittersweet, was released back in 2014 and included references to her separation form ex-husband Shane Nicholson. 

 "Since Bittersweet I've been writing and gathering stories for my next album but the moment I wrote and started playing Ain't No Little Girl live I knew it was the glue that would hold my next musical journey together," she said.  

The first two tracks on the album - Ain't No Little Girl and Talkin Baby Blues - were recorded as part of The Sing Sing Sessions and were produced by Australian musical icon Paul Kelly.  

The duet with Urban, If We Had A Child, was recorded in a separate session with Chambers' brother Nash producing.  

The EP release will be followed up by Chambers' 10th studio album, Dragonfly, which she will be released on January 20, 2017.   Ain't No Little Girl will be released on August 26.  

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