REVEALED: Where you stand in line for COVID-19 vaccine

There's a new tool that can help you determine where about you stand in the queue for a COVID-19 vaccination.


Anyone can use the COVID-19 vaccine eligibility checker to determine when their turn to be vaccinated is coming up, which can be found by following this link


According to Healthy North Coast, a centralised national online appointment booking portal is planned for the near future. It is anticipated that people will be able to make a vaccination appointment through the portal, or simply by phoning their nearest participating clinic.


The national rollout commenced on February 2. A spokeswoman for Healthy North Coast said that as of now, we are in Phase 1a with phase 1b planned to start late March/early April. I

"n these phases, COVID-19 vaccinations are being offered to those who are at highest risk and are being organised by employers or care facilities. Check with your employer or care facility if you feel you are eligible," they said.

"The rollout is expected to reach Phase 2a and Phase 2b around the middle of 2021."

Healthy North Coast's spokeswoman said their goal is for every person in our region who wishes to be vaccinated to be able to do so by the end of this year.


"To support this goal we are providing education, coordination, and mass vaccination planning support to residential aged care facilities (RACFs), general practices, GP respiratory clinics, Aboriginal medical services, pharmacies and residential disability facilities," they said.

"This will ensure a timely and effective vaccine rollout in our communities from Port Macquarie to Tweed Heads."

Our region has about 6,000 aged care residents in 80 RACFs, and in what was described as a a welcome start to Phase1a of the vaccination program, as of last week, 545 residents had already been vaccinated.

"There have been 315 in the Mid North Coast region, and 230 in the Far North Coast (Northern NSW) region," the spokeswoman said. "More residents will be vaccinated across both regions over coming weeks."

Healthy North Coast said they are continuing to work with general practices preparing for the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination program for the general population.

"Currently, more than 100 general practices in the Far North Coast (Northern NSW) and the Mid North Coast are planning to participate in the vaccine rollout," they said.

"Close to 13,000 vaccine doses for Phase 1b will start to be delivered to these general practices from late March/early April. More than 70 per cent of these supplies will be available from week 1 of the rollout. The remainder of the Phase 1b vaccine supplies will be delivered in weeks 2, 3 and 4.

"We are supporting hundreds of highly qualified, skilled and dedicated doctors, nurses, administrators, care workers and pharmacists preparing to deliver all phases of the vaccine rollout to our local residents."

Healthy North Coast and the Northern NSW and Mid North Coast Local Health Districts are also continuing to support local Aboriginal health services to ensure they are ready to participate in the vaccination rollout.




COVID-19 Vaccines - Priority Rollout


Phase 1a:

Aged care and disability care residents and staff; quarantine, border and frontline healthcare workers.

Phase 1b:

Elderly adults aged 70 years and over; other healthcare workers including drug and alcohol workers; begin vaccinating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults; adults with a specified medical condition; adults with a disability who have a specified underlying medical condition; critical and high-risk workers including defence, police, fire, emergency services, and meat processing workers.

Phase 2a:

Adults aged 60-69 years; adults aged 50-59 years; continue vaccinating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults; other critical and high-risk workers.

Phase 2b:

Balance of adult population; catch up any unvaccinated Australians from previous phases.

Phase 3:

Those under 16 (if recommended).

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